Cosmic Latte Studio is our first Game Development studio. Cosmic Latte is dedicated to developing a variety of player experiences with an emphasis on merging the best elements of various genres from systems and mechanics to a fusion of 2D and 3D visuals. Our games will provide vibrant and colorful casts, inspiring music, interesting locales, and innovative player experiences for the players to enjoy.

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One of many brilliant aspects of AGHAKIL is their creativity with Advertisements. Animation is their craft and Advertising; their platform. A recent project for a Photo Editing Software Company gave AGHAKIL's people a chance to show their abilities. The synergy between craft and platform brings for a more person-centric and tailor-made product to any project AGHAKIL is set to.

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Taboo, enigmatic & downright peculiar; there are many oddities in our World. Are you brave and curious enough to seek them out?

Files Obscura is a podcast for the inquisitive and daring alike. Join our Hosts as they traverse a number of eccentric, thought-provoking topics. If you're looking for a tantalizing, auditory adventure that embarks on the fantastic & bizarre, then delve deeper into their mystery and meaning by discovering what goes beyond.

Go ahead...Take a peek.

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In addition to 2D Animation, AGHAKIL Studio delves into various other sorts of animative arts. Examples of such are seen in the Character Designs from one of their most recent projects.

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Network Nexus Studios and its subsidiaries take great pride in the opportunity to outsource our Animation and Graphic Design needs to Talented Individuals from around the Globe. AGHAKIL Studio enables us to utilize the abilities of new and budding artists looking for a venue to showcase their prowess, all the while producing Branding and Media that meets the high standard of the Network Nexus name.

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AGHAKIL Studio is a self-motivated branch of our graphic design company that excels not only for Network Nexus Studios but also for our clients and other companies. Providing high-quality logo/asset/graphic designs that not only meet with client's expectations but also ensuring them that they will not be disappointed.

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