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An international start-up indie multimedia production studio and holding company, Network Nexus Studios strives to bring new experiences to those looking to join the creative field. We have formed a network that brings together some of the most innovative talents to create stunning works of art. We try to ensure that we can equip our employees to begin their careers in the creative field, and allow our employees to gain the experience needed to improve as a creator. We believe anyone can reach for the stars.

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Our ideal is to create and develop a Network unlike any other; unique and interconnected. Network Nexus and our subsidiaries strive to create visually-stunning and captivating animations. Whether it be 2D or 3D, there is always something that will fascinate both the Client and the Consumer. Stories are doorways into brilliant and lively worlds, and Network Nexus is the hub that connects you to them all.

Network Nexus Studios plans to grow, expand and thrive with a variety of Entertainment Ventures. Our goals include:

Spearhead the creative prowess of new and existing Artists by having them delve into a rich plethora of Entertainment Media. Provide a platform to help jump-start careers for talented and spirited individuals with creative passions. Reach a multitude of people on a global span; breaching past boundaries and connecting all through the joy of Entertainment.

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