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Network Nexus Studios is excited to give an early sneak peek into our upcoming project Clutch! A Kobold Story.

Kennedy Phillips of Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, Lackadaisy, Satina, FarFetched, and more - presents his new Audio Drama Clutch! A Kobold Story. This is a project that was produced by Gale Dramatis and Network Nexus Studios in collaboration with Melody Gun Studios. It will be starring Michael Kovach, Elerby J., and Joanna Christina.

Clutch! A Kobold Story is a 6-Episode Audio Drama about three kobolds trying to find a new dragon master after accidentally killing their old one. The project has 38-45 minutes episodes with an hour long miniseries finale.

Network Nexus Studios was in charge of both vocal casting from their voice-over talent pool and music composition for the project. Network Nexus Studios also contributed sound design services.

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