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An Internationally-based Graphics/2D Design company owned by Network Nexus Studios. Finding its strengths in multimedia graphic design and web comics under Reckless Comics, Drop Star Design's comic department.

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Reckless Comics is the graphic novel department of Drop Star Designs created with the purpose of merging quality and accessibility, developing graphic novels.


Drop Star Designs delve into various other sorts of multi-media graphic design. Examples of such are seen in some of their most recent logo designs for our subsidiaries.

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Network Nexus Studios and its subsidiaries take great pride in the opportunity to outsource our Animation and Graphic Design needs to Talented Individuals from around the Globe. Drop Star Designs enable us to utilize the abilities of new and budding artists looking for a venue to showcase their prowess, all the while producing Branding and Media that meets the high standard of quality expected from Network Nexus.

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Drop Star Designs is a self-motivated subsidiary of our holding company that excels not only for Network Nexus Studios but also for our clients and other companies. Providing high-quality logos, assets, and graphic designs that not only meet with client's expectations - but also ensure them that they will not be disappointed.

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